Alaz allergen information

NUTS: We use walnuts in our kitchen. Although we are extremely careful there may be traces of walnut found in other dishes. Also although our supplier assured us of extreme care when packaging it is possible that traces of other nuts could be found in the walnut packaging. 

DAIRY : In many of our meze we use yogurt and cheese so some of these must be avoided by customers with a dairy allergy. Also some of our main courses contain cheese so please ask us if you are not sure. 

GLUTEN: Gluten is found in bulgur rice and pide bread. It is also found in breadcrumbs which are used in our Köfte dishes.

SESAME SEEDS: We don’t use sesame seeds in our kitchen however our bakers do, so they could be found on our pide bread. We do use tahini (sesame paste) in our hummus dishes. 

If you have any special dietary requirements please contact us to discuss...

We are always happy to meet the needs of different dietary requirements 

Give us a call on 01787 370001 for more information